Gudev Construction (WA) stone install disaster!

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They installed soapstone in three niches we had built into our shower.About 3 weeks later, the caulk between the stone and the tile wall was peeling off.

The caulk had completely failed and was dissolving. I knew this meant that water was getting under the stone, and would eventually get inside the walls. When I called to tell Pavel about this problem, he said he can't come out and fix it for a week, and I should continue to use the shower because since water was already there, more water won't hurt it! WHAT????

That's ridiculous! When a customer calls and tells you that your work completely fell apart and water is getting in their walls, you come out within a day or two, not offer to come out a week later. Later I took the stone sills out, and there was a ton of water under them, along with a pool of melted caulk, which ran down the tile wall and left a haze on the tile (lovely!). I'm not pissed because the tube of caulk went bad because mistakes happen, I'm pissed because he wouldn't come and fix it.

I ended up removing the stones, letting it dry for several days, re-installing the stone, and re-caulking around them. If I had to do all of that (basically re-do everything), what did I pay them for???

I wouldn't use Gudev Construction again.

I feel like Pavel was somewhat accommodating until he got paid, then he made no effort to fix his major mistake.I paid them for this installation and I ended up doing all the work.

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